Swing into the Christmas Season with EASY DIY Decor Fun for you and the kiddos!


DIY holiday home decor that EVERYONE can make!

Create your Own Wreaths!

If you’re like us, you might have already supported your local farm or Boy Scout Troop this past weekend by purchasing some awesome wreaths (love our boy scout troop- they always stop by for a wreath order sometime in October which always reminds me that Christmas is certainly coming!) Plus, their wreaths are AMAZING! (Pic coming soon!)

However for those of us who would rather put that money to some other charitable cause or even to your own gift giving budget, I quite accidentally, discovered one awesome way to trim some cost all while trimming the tree this Christmas!

It was Small Business Saturday last weekend and what better way to support local than grabbing a tree at your local tree farm? We have the best farm not too far from our home and the kids just love zig-zagging through all of their amazing trees! After some fun running around at the tree farm, we got home with our newly picked treasure of a tree, (it’s by far the “furriest” and softest Christmas tree we’ve ever cut down-see below!) and our kiddos could not WAIT to get it inside-(can’t blame them–it’s so exciting!).

2017 Furry Christmas Tree!

Our “furry” Christmas Tree!

As our kids were anxiously watching their daddy cut the branches, (I could feel their excitement bubbling as they were patiently waiting for the tree to move it’s way into our home), their “Oma” was over, (that’s what our kiddos call my husband’s mom-adorable), to partake in some of the afternoon fun. She was also there to play with the kiddos so that mommy and daddy could extend our family fun day into a date night just for us (oh what fun!). As she was collecting branches she asked to take some home to use in creating her own wreath. How MUCH FUN! She then shared with us the most wonderfully simple idea that our “littles” could enjoy too….

DIY Wreath Instructions!

Now, I don’t know what it is but I’m slightly intimidated by wreath making..all those wires, adding the right decor etc. However, this wreath is absolutely awesome as it was SUPER inexpensive (made from EVERYTHING  from our very own yard…aka-free, free, FREE) and the kids got super excited to make it! WIN, WIN, WIN!


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Here’s all you need to create your own beautiful wreath with items right from your yard!

  • Any type of evergreen branches. If you have a Christmas tree–use the trimmings from that!
  • A foam or fake wreath (check out some examples listed above or click here!

  • Pine cones if you have them! Have some extra fun and go pine-cone hunting outside with your kids! Grab a bag and get moving or go for a hike searching for them! (RUN MAMA!)
  • If you have a “bird berry bush”, (a very unofficial name for this plant–think it might be called a “Spravy”…not a plant expert by any means!), or maybe a Holly plant outside sprouting those beautiful red berries, grab a few branches after your pine cone scavenger hunt!
  • Have ribbon lying around? Gather some or any type of crafting materials you would like to add to the wreath to decorate it! It’s really up to you! Get creative and go, go, GO!
  • Glue gun* only necessary if your items don’t have any long branches or other ways of attaching into the artificial wreath. I have a glue gun similar to this one and I love it (contains an affiliate site). Check it out on Amazon here.
  • Simple DIY Steps:

    Step One:Take the branches of greens and insert them around the wreath. Depending on how full your branches are you may need more or less to cover the artificial wreath.

    Step Two:Using pine cones, berries or other decorative items around your home, insert the items around the wreath. You may or may not need a hot gun to hold certain items into place.

    Wrap it up!

    You can honestly add anything you want (or your kids want) to your wreath! The one shown is what my kids made with their “Oma”-it was adorable, simple, and they pulled it all together right from our yard! Most of all, just have fun with this no pressure DIY decor!

    Artificial wreath acts as a canvas for your real greens! (so great)


    DIY Wreath for all

    So fun adding the berries from our yard into this wreath! Our little guy enjoyed taking them off and throwing them on-lol.

    DIY Wreath

    Completed! DIY AWESOMENESS!