Organize- Don’t Fear the New Year!

Organizing, organizing, organizing…eeek. Tis’ the time of year where some of us might begin to analyze certain areas of life that could use well…let’s say…some revamping.

Today, being New Years Day, (and being that my three year old is yet again enjoying his nap across my lap), I began to seek out some fun, easy ways to organize and de-clutter certain unrecognizable areas of our home (my crafting/Pinterest obsession has begun to oooze its way around the furniture like some alien infestation).

Taking action is something I’m a bit slow at…but, wait, let me clarify. I’m SPECIFICALLY slow in areas that seem so encompassing/overwhelming.  Knowing this about myself, I devised an action plan to help organize some deliberately ignored space in our home. ALSO realizing that I’m probably not alone in this organizing expedition, I decided to share this brave adventure of mine.

Part One: Search and Seizure:

So, as I began earlier, I started this plan while planted on my couch today with our three year old completely cozy and loving his “lap nap”. As I was “forced” to sit, (I secretly –or not so secretly if you know me–LOVE this cozy time with him), I began to ponder what it was that I wanted to “take on” in this New Year. Yes, I’m “one of those” who gets  immediately  ramped up to start some KIND of SOMETHING upon the dropping of the ball with Ryan Seacrest. There’s just this indescribable drive I feel with the start of a new, ANYTHING. New Year, new season, new dress…you name it. I just get an insatiable “spark” of energy and the ball gets rolling. In this case, it rolled myself into the dark realization that I needed to organize. LIKE, BIG TIME- check out exhibit A below). All I know is that this invisible energy seems to propel me into each New Year like a bull after a red cloth. I’m pretty much ready to take on the world. Right now, though, I’m starting with my home. My space. Well, one space in particular.

Step 1: Space it out: Pick one and ORGANIZE IT!

Simply put: identify one area of your home, office or wherever that you feel the clutter has truly gotten out of control. For us: it was our bedroom for certain.

Here’s a little glimpse at ONE corner I’m focusing on. (Oh there’s more…so much more):



Step 2: ” I Spy with my Little Eye…”

As you look at the chosen one in terms of space, ask yourself “what’s really going on here?” What’s making this space unusable? What do you “spy” that doesn’t really belong? Firetrucks and Legos in the way? How about remains from last years awesomely Pinterest’ed birthday party extravaganza? Mementos from that great Hilton Head vaca? You really want to identify the “stuff” so you can move it where it belongs..whether it’s back to the play room or into the trash bin!

Step 3: Take Action… (aka..Amazon it)

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Now that you know you actually have a science experiment growing in your mudroom…search out some great, cheap fixes that  might help with the declutter.

Below are a few Amazon picks I found quickly today. Be on the look out for Part 2…which will have oh-so-more!


Don’t know but there’s just something about cubbies….Even if you have

Loved this! Comes in different colors…can TOTALLY picture this at the end of our bed….perfect for when I have NO clue on where I want to put some things but need somewhere to place them– and fast!

Are the toys the culprit? Here’s an awesome toy storage box with great reviews, won’t take up much space AND it’s $22.00! Win, Win, Win!

Have little guys that like to see what’s out there to play with? Here’s another toy storage option with a little more accessibility for your little ones! Colorful, not a huge space eater, receives great reviews AND it’s eleven bucks more than the option above. FAN-TASTIC!

If your budget line is “anything under $100.00”, look no further. This next option is made of wood, comes with 12 plastic cubbies, and has multiple color combinations!