Valentine’s Day Ideas for Every Budget!

Looking for the not-so-obvious Valentine’s gifts? Try including your kiddos in on the fun to create a sweet statement for your loved one in the next couple of days!

Looking for a different way to express your love this Valentine’s day? Maybe the chocolate, dinner, flowers, thing is too much of a “been there” done that? OR maybe you want to break away from tradition and celebrate your love JUST BECAUSE on February 15th! Whatever your reason, if you’re searching for something new, different, and, otherwise, UNEXPECTED, for you and the number one love in your life…we have some awesome ideas below:

We’ve sectioned out these ideas into categories and spending brackets…just in case the holidays are STILL wreaking havoc on your budget!  We included a price-indicator sheet just in case you weren’t certain what our symbols meant!

$-Least Expensive…or in some cases, FREE! (we will scream it out—FREE—if that’s what it ends up being)
$$-Mid-Range Cost—usually under $60.00
$$$-Most Expensive—looking at $100.00 or more in cost

Hello, Valentines? Party of 6? Getting the Kiddos Involved:

Think it’s too late to get original? No Sitter? NO problem! Check out these sure-fire ways to show the L-O-V-E and have fun with the kids in the process…win-win!

Get Crafty This Valentine’s Day!


Here’s two ideas we’ve done in the past when time and money weren’t necessarily on our side:

1.Make art pictures in the snow! Last year, we made art in the snow using food coloring (also works with washable paint in plastic ketchup and mustard bottles), then we took pictures of our designs to frame and give!

2.Handprints on Cardstock to look like flowers (adorable).



$$ *time sensitive–we have an idea on how to make it work!

Have your kiddos create their own plate or mug at a pottery studio. *NOTE—many of these places have timeframes which could include up to a week’s turnaround time to fire up the creation. Here’s how to get around that tricky little detail:

  1. Take kids to create pottery at pottery studio.
  2. Take pics of kids creating their works of art!
  3. Print up pics at local shop and have kiddos place them in a box or bag for your special someone!

IF you can get the items in time for the big day OR even if it’s after Wednesday….here’s what you can do:

On Valentine’s morning, afternoon or evening, make breakfast, lunch or dinner for your loved one with the kiddos…and serve it in their newly designed plate or mug. An adorable, unique way to say “WE LOVE YOU!”


$$$ *time sensitive–but COULD BE DONE IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS!

You and the kiddos could recreate a favorite place, moment for your loved one. Does your wife, hubby or partner love the beach but it’s all of 20 degrees outside? Bring the beach home. Here’s the beach theme idea:
1. Two or more plastic kiddo pools (find them here)
2. Blow up palm trees (find them here)
3. Blue cellophane to cover your floor for the look of the “ocean” Find it here:
4. Buy or create moon sand (recipe here—kids LOVE making this)
5. Use shells from last summer’s favorite beach trip OR purchase some extras here:
6. Download ocean waves sounds on your wireless speaker or phone(we have a wireless speaker and it’s AMAZING-check it out here)
7. Beach chairs by the pool filled with sand (if you need new ones-grab a couple here)

You and the kiddos could create tropical drinks and a tropical menu for dinner!  Certainly, to be a Valentine’s your lovey won’t forget!



Valentines for ALL!

Valentines Messages

Valentines for All! Secret Decoder Messages in February!


Here is a “combo” Valentines pin idea from Pinterest that we L-O-V-E!  I started this easy-peasy idea just two nights ago and everyone LOVED it so much, I thought I would share!

Here’s what you need (you have it all I’m sure!)

1. White Crayon
2. Cardstock or plain white paper (although I think the wax crayon sticks better to cardstock)
3. Markers for the kiddos! (Lighter colors are best!)


1.You can create these whenever it works, but we prefer to do it after our loves are in bed. Create your secret Valentine’s hearts and messages using the white crayon. We’re focusing on all of the reasons why we love each of our kids. The image below is the first one we wrote for our daughter which said : “We love how much you always make certain that everyone is happy”.

2. Hang them up on your little loves doors in the morning for them to take down and decode. I decided to get creative and complete one for my husband along with kids hearts everyday as well.

Valentines Messages

Valentines for All! Decoding the messages is so much fun!

**Side note there** I MUST admit, it really helps me to focus on those little reasons why I love my hubby so much. Let’s face it, in a busy day, it’s sometimes hard to think about how you love it when your partner simply looks at you and smiles.

This adorable Valentines activity turned into a discussion about how wax is resistant to the water color in markers. Such a great time!

Valentines for All! On our daughter’s door. Secret messages stating why we love her.

Our daughter loved this Valentines activity so much that she made one for my husband and I. It reads: Mommy and Daddy, let’s make a craft together”.

Valentines Messages

Valentines for All! Our daughter making her own for us…adorable.

We were going to do this Valentines Craft activity as a countdown to Valentine’s Day but our kiddos love it so much…they have requested to keep it going through the whole month! Yay!