Get Your Run ON!

Get out there!

Lace up and get your run on!

Get Running! (or walking..they both rock)

Below are some great websites to check out if you’re looking to hit the pavement. Sometimes we all gotta run…so run, mama, run!

Find a Run or Walk this Weekend:

Just for Fun:

Feeling a “tad” unmotivated? Check out the following fun spring runs—and test out the “Luck of the Irish” on some of these in the next months! I know I’m jumping into one of them! So FUN!

If you’re on the EAST COAST:


West Coast Runners: Check out these inspirational runs:

  • Winter Fun Run to a Dolphin Dash, this site has you covered if  you’re from Southern California: SoCal Running
  • More runs on the West Coast to check out here:West Coast Running

East Coast or West Coast: this run is for everyone…looks like fun!

Foam Fest! Walk or Run!



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