Get Your Run ON!

Get out there!

Lace up and get your run on!

Get Running! (or walking..they both rock)

Below are some great websites to check out if you’re looking to hit the pavement. Sometimes we all gotta run…so run, mama, run!

Find a Run or Walk this Weekend:

Just for Fun:

Feeling a “tad” unmotivated? Now that the snow has subsided, it’s time to lace up and hit the pavement! Make it your goal to check out ONE of  the following fun spring runs in May which include some Mother’s Day tribute runs!

Get ready for Mom’s Day! 

Whether you’re East or West Coast…check out this amazing run! With it’s origins in Ridgefield CT, it is now an active run taking place in seven different locations across our beautiful country…all on Mother’s Day!

If you’re on the EAST COAST:

West Coast Runners: Check out these inspirational runs:

East Coast or West Coast: this run is for everyone…looks like fun!

Foam Fest! Walk or Run

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