Letter Learning FUN Name Game!

Learning thise letters

Inspired by our littlest guy, this letter learning name game is fun to make and play! Here’s a little background history on this game: Our daughter knew her letters before the age of two.I mean–not even just knew the “big” letters (capitals), she knew how to distinguish between “big A” and “little a”. She is our little “sponge”, soaking everything up and loving learning since she was born!  Science, Math, Language Arts–you name it, she can’t get enough! We used sign language early on and graduated to lettered blocks, flash cards, tracing and independent writing as she was deciphering letters and letter sounds. She was definitely happy with any teaching method we presented-traditional or non.

Moving forward, we knew with our littlest guy,who also loves learning-(what child doesn’t?!), that we needed to take a little bit of a different approach to teaching and learning. Honestly, I was psyched about investigating other ways of presenting ideas to him (like letters/letter sounds), because I love discovering new ways to teach!  In my search for something that would connect well with his interests,I stumbled upon an idea and turned it into our very own fun letter learning name game! Here it is:


Fun. easy DIY letter game

Letter Learning Name Game!

Letter Learning Name Game!

Learning Goals:

  • Practice letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Letters associated with their name
  • Practice fine motor grasping skills

Age range: This game IS fun for all ages with supervision! However, it may be a bit redundant for children over the age of 5 or if the child already knows how to spell their name and knows their letters.

Supplies you will need OR can easily purchase below:

To create the close pin letter game pieces:

      1. Close pins (larger ones not the mini ones)–enough for the letters in your child’s name or the whole alphabet
      2. Acrylic Paint or washable water color (unless the close pins are already painted–see option below).
      3. Marker or pre-printed letters to adhere to the close pins
      4. Modge Podge–a crafters favorite!


Supplies for the “game board”

Please remember these are just ideas! If you think of something else, we would love to hear from you so we can post it and add on!

  • Pre-printed letters OR a marker to simply write the letters down.

Ideas for material to use as the base for your game board:

  • Construction paper-(to add letters)
  • Paper Plate (also a base for the letters)
  • Stock paper

Additionally ADORABLE IDEA:

Ask your kiddos to get involved in the creation of their board game: Have kiddos cut/create the board game using one or more of the materials above into a shape of something they love-shape of a truck, animal, a basketball or baseball…you name it!

Steps for Creating these Easy Letter Learning Name Game Pieces: 

Painted Close Pins Ready for Mod Podge!

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Step 1: Painting

If painting: paint all of the closepins with two separate coats. Let dry.

Step 2: Mod Podge

  • Add one coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint.
    • Tip: Paint on Mod Podge thinly, careful not to over paint it as it will dry in clumps.

Step 3: Letters 

  • After the Mod Podge is dry, add letters with Sharpie Marker OR pre-printed letters.
  • Allow Marker to dry or letters to stick onto close pins.

Step 4: MORE Mod!

  • Add one-two more coats of Mod Podge, allowing each coat to fully dry before adding another.

Game Time!

First: we played with the close pins, opening and closing them. We also reviewed the letters we were using by calling each one out on both the close pins and the game board!

  1. Simply calling out the letters to see who can find them and attach them to the right spaces.
  2. A timed/see whose faster game where each person (adult and kiddo or kiddo versus kiddo) takes their game boards and yells out each letter the find as they quickly scramble to see who can “build” their name first! ***

**For the second game option–we did this one after much practice with our little guy. He needed to learn the letters and feel secure before the fun of timing it took place! Let me tell you, though, once we timed it, he wanted to play over and over again!